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Dinosaur facts and figures

Here are some of the coolest dinosaur factoids you can get out of the Paleobiology Database, useful or not. Most of the data are based on Matt Carrano's non-avian dinosaur systematics archive.

Technical note: birds are dinosaurs. However, birds are not included in any of the following because, well, they're birds.

Collections with the most dinosaurs

Collections from the farthest ends of the Earth

Based on paleocoordinates.

Farthest north: Colville River Campanian dinosaurs

Farthest south: Huriwai Measures

Farthest east: Meoto-sugi dinosaur footprint

Farthest west: Kakanaut, Lake Pekulnei

Formations with the most dinosaur occurrences

Countries with the most dinosaur occurrences

Most frequently used names

Papers that named the most species

Most discussed species

Based on the number of published taxonomic opinions.

Species with the most synonymous names

Species with the longest names

Species with the weirdest names

Based on a very tasty secret formula.

Species with the dullest names

Based on almost the same very tasty secret formula.

Species named per decade

  • 1820s: 2
  • 1830s: 5
  • 1840s: 10
  • 1850s: 8
  • 1860s: 7
  • 1870s: 60
  • 1880s: 39
  • 1890s: 31
  • 1900s: 40
  • 1910s: 49
  • 1920s: 53
  • 1930s: 53
  • 1940s: 22
  • 1950s: 31
  • 1960s: 24
  • 1970s: 79
  • 1980s: 86
  • 1990s: 155
  • 2000s: 173

The first species ever named

Species named in 2006 and 2007

Silly as they may seem.