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Paleobiology Database Intensive Workshop in Analytical Methods

The Paleobiology Database has conducted a five-week intensive training workshop in analytical methods since 2005. The 2012 edition will be held at Macquarie University in Sydney, as in 2010 and 2011. Funding for the 2013 edition has also been secured.

The deadline for applications passed on 15 February. The next application deadline is likely to be in February 2013, and the official announcement is likely to be in the late fall. The following information may be useful to those planning to apply.

Topics include community paleoecology, diversity estimation, speciation and extinction, phylogenetics, phenotypic evolution, and morphometrics. Both simulation modelling and data analysis methods are employed. Training combines lectures and labs. Participants are given hands-on instruction in programming using R and taught to use other analytical software. In addition to the workshop coordinator, each week a new instructor is present. The 2012 instructors are John Alroy, Gene Hunt, Tom Olszewski, David Polly, and Pete Wagner.

There is no fee for registration and participants are housed for free in accommodations near the campus. Daily expenses such as meal costs are not subsidized but are only on the order of $10 to $15. Participants are encouraged to solicit travel funds from their home institutions or other organizations. A majority of airfare costs are reimbursed if such funds are not available. There are no other charges of any kind and no other major expenses are likely.

Participants are normally in the early stages of their own research in any area related to paleontology. They should have a background in basic statistics. We strongly encourage applications from women and underrepresented groups.

Applications consist of a one page statement accompanied by a recommendation letter. The statement should include a brief description of current research plans, a list of degrees earned stating the year of graduation in each case, a brief list of relevant classes taken, and an account of the applicant's background in statistics and programming. Applicants are encouraged to explain why the topics addressed by the workshop are of special interest to them and to what extent these subjects are taught at their home institutions.

2011 participants

Gabrial Aguirre University of Otago Manja Hethke University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
Meghan Balk University of New Mexico Sabine Nürnberg Humboldt University Berlin
Caleb Brown University of Toronto Shubhabrata Paul University of South Florida
Jonathan Calede University of Washington Peter Smits Monash University
Lucy Chang University of California, Berkeley Allison Stegner University of California, Berkeley
Andy Grass University of Iowa Valerie Syverson University of Michigan

2010 participants

Jessie Atterholt University of California, Berkeley Alex Janevski University of Michigan
Monica Carvalho Pennsylvania State University Julien Millet Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin
Max Christie University of Georgia Jon Mitchell Appalachian State University
Liz Ferrer University of California, Berkeley John Renaudie Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin
Frank Forcino University of Alberta Kathleen Ritterbush University of Southern California
Clotilde Hardy Université de Bourgogne Priya Tamma National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore

2009 participants

Mark Bell University of Bristol Felix Marx University of Bristol
Katie Collins University of Wellington Heike Mewis Museum für Naturkunde
Federico Degrange Museo de La Plata Gary Motz University of Akron
Aaron House University of Cincinnati Alejo Scarano Museo de La Plata
Annie Lagomarcino University of Cincinnati Amelinda Webb Yale University
Kaitlin Maguire University of California, Berkeley Shawn Whiteman University of New Mexico

2008 participants

Tracy Aze Cardiff University Emily Lindsey University of California, Berkeley
Karen Bacon University College Dublin Luis Felipe Opazo University of Plymouth
Diego Balseiro Universidad Nacional de Córdoba Juan José Rustan Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Javier Echevarria Museo de La Plata Daniel Thomas University of Otago
Liz Freedman Montana State University Michael Tuite University of Virginia
Michelle Lawing Indiana University Laura Wilson Universität Zürich

2007 participants

Andrea Cobbett University of Bath Murat Maga University of Texas, Austin
Felipe de la Parra University of Florida John Orcutt University of Oregon
Kathy Hollis University of Colorado, Boulder Claire Samant Université de Poitiers
Philip Jardine University of Birmingham Susan Standen Case Western Reserve University
Soïzic Le Fur Université de Poitiers Susumu Tomiya University of California, Berkeley
Graeme Lloyd University of Bristol Vera Weisbecker University of New South Wales

2006 participants

Ayse Atakul Middle East Technical University Stephen Goodyear University of Texas, Austin
Mara Brady University of Chicago Sarah Kolbe University of Copenhagen
Andres Cardenas University of South Florida Sarda Sahney University of Bristol
Brad Deline University of Cincinnati Krister Smith Yale University
Jessica Gilner Florida Institute of Technology Bryan Valencia Florida Institute of Technology
Ann Goewert University of North Carolina Richard Wilkinson Cambridge University

2005 participants

Jessica Blois Stanford University Matt O'Donnell Pennsylvania State University
Devin Buick University of Cincinnati Jocelyn Sessa Pennsylvania State University
Sylvain Gerber Université de Bourgogne Adam Tomasovych Universität Würzburg
Zack Krug Pennsylvania State University Patrick Wall Syracuse University
Elise Nardin Université de Bourgogne Mike Weiser University of Arizona
Mike Nowak Duke University