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R. C. Frey 1995

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R. C. Frey. 1995. Middle and Upper Ordovician nautiloid cephalopods of the Cincinnati Arch region of Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1066P:1-126 [S. Holland/S. Holland]
ID number:  24575
Created:  2007-06-04 12:13:42
Modified:  2007-06-05 05:13:42
Publication type:  serial monograph
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic names (93)
Actinoceras altopontense, Actinoceras curdsvillense, Actinoceras kentuckiense, Allumettoceras tenerum, Anaspyroceras cylindricum, Augustoceras shideleri, Baltoceratidae, Beloitoceras amoenum, Beloitoceras bucheri, Beloitoceras huronense, Cameroceras rowenaense, Cartersoceras popei, Cyrtoceras amoenum, Cyrtoceras billingsi, Cyrtoceras huronense, Deiroceras curdsvillense, Diestoceras eos, Diestoceras indianense, Diestoceras shideleri, Diestoceratidae, Endoceratidae, Geisonoceras amplicameratum, Gomphoceras eos, Gomphoceras indianense, Gorbyoceras gorbyi, Gorbyoceras hammelli, Gorbyoceras tetreauense, Hammelloceras, Hammelloceras hammelli, Isorthoceras albersi, Isorthoceras rogersensis, Jovellania murrayi, Laphamoceras, Laphamoceras scofieldi, Maelonoceras billingsi, Maelonoceras praematurum, Manitoulinoceras gyroforme, Michelinoceras clarksvillense, Michelinoceras ludlowense, Monomuchites annularis, Monomuchites costalis, Monomuchites obliquum, Murrayoceras murrayi, Oncoceras major, Ordogeisonoceras, Ordogeisonoceras amplicameratum, Ormoceras covingtonense, Ormoceras ferecentricum, Ormoceratidae, Orthoceras albersi, Orthoceras amplicameratum, Orthoceras cincinnatiensis, Orthoceras clarksvillense, Orthoceras duseri, Orthoceras dyeri, Orthoceras fosteri, Orthoceras gorbyi, Orthoceras hammelli, Orthoceras hindei, Orthoceras ludlowense, Orthoceras murrayi, Orthoceras rogersensis, Orthoceras tener, Orthoceras transversa, Orthoceras tyronensis, Orthonybyoceras covingtonense, Orthonybyoceras duseri, Orthonybyoceras dyeri, Phragmoceras praematurum, Plectoceras carletonense, Plectoceratidae, Pleurorthoceras clarksvillense, Pojetoceras, Pojetoceras floweri, Proteoceras tyronensis, Richmondoceras, Richmondoceras brevicameratum, Sactoceras josephianum, Sactoceras tyronensis, Spyroceras cylindricum, Spyroceras gorbyi, Spyroceras hammelli, Treptoceras, Treptoceras cincinnatiensis, Treptoceras duseri, Treptoceras fosteri, Treptoceras praenuntium, Treptoceras transversum, Triendoceras davisi, Tripteroceratidae, Trocholites faberi, Trocholitidae, Valcouroceratidae
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