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Dyoros (Dyoros) convexus Cooper and Grant 1975 (lamp shell)

Strophomenata - Productida - Rugosochonetidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 125952

Full reference: G. A. Cooper and R. E. Grant. 1975. Permian Brachiopods of West Texas, III. Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology 19:795-1921

Belongs to Dyoros (Dyoros) according to G. A. Cooper and R. E. Grant 1975

Sister taxa: Dyoros (Dyoros) angulatus, Dyoros (Dyoros) attenuatus, Dyoros (Dyoros) consanguineus, Dyoros (Dyoros) endospinus, Dyoros (Dyoros) extensiformis, Dyoros (Dyoros) extensus, Dyoros (Dyoros) hillanus, Dyoros (Dyoros) intrepidus, Dyoros (Dyoros) magnus, Dyoros (Dyoros) mucronata, Dyoros (Dyoros) planiextensus, Dyoros (Dyoros) pseudotrapezoidalis, Dyoros (Dyoros) robustus, Dyoros (Dyoros) spitzbergianus, Dyoros (Dyoros) subliratus, Dyoros (Dyoros) tenuis, Dyoros (Dyoros) transversus, Dyoros (Dyoros) vulgaris

Type specimen: USNM 151950a, a shell (Articulated shell)

Ecology: stationary low-level epifaunal suspension feeder

Average measurements (in mm): shell 11.2 x 15.4