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Nuculopsis poposiensis Branson 1930 (nut clam)

Bivalvia - Nuculida - Nuculidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 126377

Alternative combination: Nucula poposiensis

Synonym: Nucula pulchella Branson 1930 (taxon 126376)

Belongs to Nuculopsis according to K.W. Ciriacks 1963

Sister taxa: Nuculopsis (Nuculopsis), Nuculopsis alta, Nuculopsis anthraconeiloides, Nuculopsis beyrichi, Nuculopsis cornutus, Nuculopsis darlingensis, Nuculopsis elongata, Nuculopsis fujianensis, Nuculopsis girtyi, Nuculopsis glendonensis, Nuculopsis imperta, Nuculopsis leiyangensis, Nuculopsis lipoensis, Nuculopsis montpelierensis, Nuculopsis oviformis, Nuculopsis pidhensis, Nuculopsis rectangula, Nuculopsis salebrosus, Nuculopsis setorymensis, Nuculopsis shumardana, Nuculopsis shumardensis, Nuculopsis triangularis, Nuculopsis trivialis, Nuculopsis wewokana, Nuculopsis wymmensis, Nuculopsis yangtzeensis, Nuculopsis yuani

Type specimens:

Ecology: facultatively mobile infaunal deposit feeder-suspension feeder

Average measurements (in mm): shell 2.79 x 1.90, valve length 2.42