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Streblopteria montpelierensis Girty 1910 (scallop)

Bivalvia - Pectinida - Deltopectinidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 125801

Alternative combinations: Aviculopecten montpelierensis, Streblochondria montpelierensis

Full reference: G. H. Girty. 1910. The fauna of the Phosphate beds of the Park City Formation. United States Geological Survey Bulletin 436:1-82

Belongs to Streblopteria according to S. A. Quiroz-Barroso et al. 2012

Sister taxa: Streblopteria alenae, Streblopteria antinorii, Streblopteria auriculatum, Streblopteria bella, Streblopteria biornata, Streblopteria eichwaldi, Streblopteria elliptica, Streblopteria englehardti, Streblopteria girtyi, Streblopteria hajierensis, Streblopteria homevalensis, Streblopteria kusnezovi, Streblopteria lagunensis, Streblopteria levis, Streblopteria minauris, Streblopteria minuta, Streblopteria mortonii, Streblopteria oklahomensis, Streblopteria pusilla, Streblopteria radiata

Type specimen: Its type locality is USGS 3511, Cap Rock Mine, Montpelier Canyon, Bear Lake County, which is in a Roadian carbonate limestone in the Phosphoria Formation of Idaho

Ecology: stationary epifaunal suspension feeder

Average measurements (in mm): valve length 11.1