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Permophorus bregeri Girty 1927 (clam)

Bivalvia - Cardiida - Permophoridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 139927

Alternative combination: Pleurophorus bregeri

Synonyms: Pleurophorus rotundus Girty 1927 (no. 139926), Pleurophorus similis Girty 1927 (no. 139925)

Full reference: G. H. Girty. 1927. Descriptions of new species of Carboniferous and Triassic fossils (from southeastern Idaho). United States Geological Survey Professional Paper 152:411-446

Belongs to Permophorus according to R. Hofmann and M. Hautmann 2013

Sister taxa: Permophorus albequus, Permophorus angustus, Permophorus arcus, Permophorus costatus, Permophorus gregarius, Permophorus guangxingensis, Permophorus lianyuanensis, Permophorus mexicanus, Permophorus oblongus, Permophorus obovatus, Permophorus octocostatus, Permophorus pricei, Permophorus proprius, Permophorus shuangfengensis, Permophorus subcostatus, Permophorus subovalis, Permophorus tenuistriatus, Permophorus triassicus, Permophorus tropidophorus, Permophorus vendiavkiriensis, Pleurophorus overbecki, Pleurophorus quinquecostatus, Pleurophorus lunulus, Pleurophorus delawarensis, Pleurophorus imbricatus, Pleurophorus occidentalis

Ecology: facultatively mobile shallow infaunal suspension feeder

Average measurements (in mm): shell length 13.2, valve length 8.04