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Ostrea samanensis Olsson 1928 (oyster)

Bivalvia - Ostreida - Ostreidae

Full reference: A. A. Olsson. 1928. Contributions to the Tertiary paleontology of northern Peru: Part 1. Bulletins of American Paleontology 14(52)

Belongs to Ostrea according to A. A. Olsson 1928

Sister taxa: Ostraea lincolnensis, Ostrea (Bellostrea), Ostrea (Catinula), Ostrea (Eostrea), Ostrea (Euostrea), Ostrea (Liostrea), Ostrea (Nanostrea), Ostrea (Ostrea), Ostrea (Turkostrea), Ostrea albertensis, Ostrea angasi, Ostrea angulata, Ostrea angusta, Ostrea anomialis, Ostrea antarctica, Ostrea arenicola, Ostrea aupouria, Ostrea beloiti, Ostrea berkeyi, Ostrea bicolor, Ostrea blackensis, Ostrea brongniarti, Ostrea californica, Ostrea carolinensis, Ostrea castellobrancoi, Ostrea chilensis, Ostrea cochlear, Ostrea collazica, Ostrea compressirostra, Ostrea conchaphila, Ostrea costaricensis, Ostrea crenulimarginata, Ostrea cristata, Ostrea cubitus, Ostrea cumingiana, Ostrea cynthiae, Ostrea democraciana, Ostrea dorsalis, Ostrea edulis, Ostrea edwilsoni, Ostrea eorivularis, Ostrea erici, Ostrea flavicans, Ostrea forskali, Ostrea fraasi, Ostrea frondosa, Ostrea gajensis, Ostrea gingensis, Ostrea glabra, Ostrea golfotristensis, Ostrea haleyi, Ostrea hippopus, Ostrea hyotidoidea, Ostrea incisa, Ostrea invalida, Ostrea iridescens, Ostrea jogjacartensis, Ostrea khamirensis, Ostrea latimarginata, Ostrea longirostris, Ostrea ludensis, Ostrea maculosa, Ostrea manubriata, Ostrea marcignyana, Ostrea marginidentata, Ostrea marshiiformis, Ostrea mauricensis, Ostrea mesenterica, Ostrea messor, Ostrea minbuensis, Ostrea minerensis, Ostrea minuta, Ostrea miradorensis, Ostrea monetalis, Ostrea negritensis, Ostrea normalis, Ostrea obliterata, Ostrea pangadiensis, Ostrea paracasensis, Ostrea parasitica, Ostrea paroxis, Ostrea parrensis, Ostrea pejerreyensis, Ostrea pellucens, Ostrea pesfelis, Ostrea petrosa, Ostrea peytoni, Ostrea philippii, Ostrea pileosimilis, Ostrea plicatula, Ostrea portoricoensis, Ostrea princeps, Ostrea procyonis, Ostrea prona, Ostrea protoimbricata, Ostrea pseudocrassissima, Ostrea pseudodigitalina, Ostrea pseudorissensis, Ostrea pulaskensis, Ostrea radula, Ostrea raveneliana, Ostrea resupinata, Ostrea retusa, Ostrea russelli, Ostrea sandalina, Ostrea sanguinea, Ostrea sansebastiana, Ostrea saxitoniana, Ostrea seymourensis, Ostrea soleniscus, Ostrea striatula, Ostrea sturtiana, Ostrea subangulata, Ostrea submissa, Ostrea subradiosa, Ostrea superficialis, Ostrea tacalensis, Ostrea tayloriana, Ostrea thalassoklusta, Ostrea tridacnaeformis, Ostrea turkestanensis, Ostrea uncinta, Ostrea ungulata, Ostrea vaughani, Ostrea ventilabrum, Ostrea venusta, Ostrea vesicularis, Ostrea vestita, Ostrea wiedenmayeri, Ostrea wollastoni

Type specimen: Its type locality is Casa Saman [Saman Fm], which is in an Eocene coastal sandstone/conglomerate in the Saman Formation of Peru

Ecology: stationary epifaunal suspension feeder