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Edmondia phosphatica Girty 1910 (clam)

Bivalvia - Pholadomyida - Edmondiidae

Full reference: G. H. Girty. 1910. The fauna of the Phosphate beds of the Park City Formation. United States Geological Survey Bulletin 436:1-82

Belongs to Edmondia according to K.W. Ciriacks 1963

Sister taxa: Edmondia aspinwallensis, Edmondia bellula, Edmondia crassa, Edmondia dubia, Edmondia elongata, Edmondia equilateralis, Edmondia gibbosa, Edmondia glabra, Edmondia grandis, Edmondia guembeli, Edmondia hudsoni, Edmondia isocosmica, Edmondia multilamellosa, Edmondia nebrascensis, Edmondia netschajewi, Edmondia nodulifera, Edmondia omolonica, Edmondia ovata, Edmondia pitkinensis, Edmondia prichardi, Edmondia rotunda, Edmondia suborbiculata, Edmondia suborbiculata, Edmondia sulcata, Edmondia tiesseni, Edmondia unioniformis, Edmondia yachihoensis

Type specimen: USNM 1715. Its type locality is USGS 993a, Duke Claim, Swan Lake, which is in a Roadian offshore ramp limestone in the Phosphoria Formation of Idaho.

Ecology: facultatively mobile infaunal suspension feeder

Average measurements (in mm): shell 19.5 x 10.5, valve length 5.17