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Baissoptera euneura Ren 1997 (snakefly)

Insecta - Raphidioptera - Baissopteridae

Full reference: D. Ren. 1997. Studies on the late Mesozoic snake-flies of China (Raphidoiptera: Baissopteridae, Mesoraphidiidae, Alloraphidiidae). Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica 22:172-188

Belongs to Baissoptera according to M. S. Engel 2002

Sister taxa: Baissoptera brasiliensis, Baissoptera cellulosa, Baissoptera cretaceoelectra, Baissoptera elongata, Baissoptera grandis, Baissoptera liaoningensis, Baissoptera lisae, Baissoptera martinsoni, Baissoptera minima, Baissoptera pulchra, Baissoptera sibirica

Type specimen: LB95101, an exoskeleton. Its type locality is Beipiao City, unspecified locality (GMC Beijing coll), which is in a Barremian lacustrine - large mudstone in the Yixian Formation of China.

Ecology: epifaunal grazer

Average measurements (in mm): forewing 21.0 x 5.6