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Anomoepus shingi Welles 1971

PaleoDB taxon number: 370231

Alternative combination: Hopiichnus shingi

Full reference: S. P. Welles. 1971. Dinosaur footprints from the Kayenta Formation of northern Arizona. Plateau 44(1):27-38

Belongs to Anomoepus according to M. G. Lockley and G. D. Gierlinski 2006

Sister taxa: Anomoepus culbertsonii, Anomoepus fringilla, Anomoepus gallinuloides, Anomoepus giganteus, Anomoepus major, Anomoepus minutus, Anomoepus moabensis, Anomoepus palmipes, Anomoepus pienkovskii, Anomoepus ranivorus, Anomoepus scambus, Anomoepus tungchuanensis, Anomoepus turda, Moyenisauropus karaszevskii

Type specimen: UCMP 83760, a footprint (cast of trackway (3 prints)). Its type locality is Moenkopi Wash, UCMP V6898, which is in a Sinemurian/Pliensbachian terrestrial mudstone in the Kayenta Formation of Arizona.