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Platygonus Leconte 1848 (peccary)

Osteichthyes - Artiodactyla - Tayassuidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 42437

Synonyms: Euchoerus Leidy 1853 (no. 119657), Hyops Leconte 1848 (no. 119655), Protochoerus Leconte 1848 (no. 142587), Selenogonus Stirton 1947 (no. 135713)

Full reference: J. L. Leconte. 1848. American Journal of Science and Arts, second series V:102-106

Parent taxon: Tayassuinae according to D. B. Wright 1998

Sister taxa: Argyrohyus, Brasiliochoerus, Catagonus, Dicotyles, Dyseohyus, Macrogenis, Mylohyus, Pecari, Prosthennops, Sylvochoerus, Tayassu, Waldochoerus

Subtaxa: Platygonus bicalcaratus, Platygonus brachirostris, Platygonus compressus, Platygonus cumberlandensis, Platygonus intermedius, Platygonus narinoensis, Platygonus oregonensis, Platygonus pearcei, Platygonus pollenae, Platygonus striatus, Platygonus texanus, Platygonus vetus

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Ecology: ground dwelling browser-grazer