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Platyosphys paulsoni Brandt 1873 (whale)

Osteichthyes - Pelagiceti - Basilosauridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 192455

Alternative combinations: Basilosaurus paulsoni, Platyosphys paulsonii, Zeuglodon paulsoni, Zeuglodon paulsonii

Synonyms: Zeuglodon rossicum Paulson in Brandt 1873 (no. 113889), Zeuglodon rossicus Paulson in Brandt 1873 (no. 113888)

Full reference: J. F. Brandt. 1873. Uber bisher in Russland gefundene Reste von Zeuglodonten. Melanges biologiques Bulletin de l'Academie imperials des Sciences de St. Petersbourg 9:111-112

Belongs to Platyosphys according to G. A. Mchedlidze 1970

Sister taxon: Platyosphys einori

Type specimens:

  • Platyosphys paulsoni: no number listed, a set of vertebrae. Its type locality is Chigirin, which is in a Priabonian marine claystone in Ukraine.
  • Zeuglodon rossicus:

Ecology: aquatic carnivore