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Pachyrhachis Haas 1979 (snake)

Reptilia - Squamata

PaleoDB taxon number: 65329

Full reference: G. Haas. 1979. On a new snakelike reptile from the lower Cenomanian of ein Jabrud, near Jerusalem. Bulletin du Muséum national d’Historie naturelle, Paris, Série 4 1:51-64

Parent taxon: Macrostomata according to O. Rieppel et al. 2003

Sister taxa: Amaru, Booidea, Haasiophis, Kataria, Loxocemus, Podophis, Tropidophiidae, Xenopeltis

Subtaxa: Pachyrhachis problematicus

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Ecology: aquatic piscivore-carnivore