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†family Paleoparadoxiidae Reinhart 1959 (desmostylian)

Osteichthyes - Desmostylia

Alternative spelling: Paleoparadoxidae

Full reference: R. H. Reinhart. 1959. A review of the Sirenia and Desmostylia. University of California Publications in Geological Sciences 36(1):1-146

Parent taxon: Desmostylia according to A. Fukuchi and S. Suzuki 2014

Sister taxa: Behemotops, Cornwalliidae, Jamilcotatus, Jamilcotatus boreios, Jamilcotatus kumiaica, Kronokotherium, Paleoparadoxia, Desmostylidae

Subtaxa: Behemotopsinae, Paleoparadoxiinae

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Ecology: aquatic herbivore