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Official publications Additional papers using PaleoDB data
Please request a number for your publication if you employed our data or analytical tools to create it. See the instructions below.

Writing to the Database Director to have your publication added to the list. You do not need to be a Database member to do so. Ask for your number once your publication has been accepted and you have carried out your final revisions. When you ask, supply the list of authors, title, and journal or book name.

Once your publication is listed, you are encouraged to submit your data files to be archived on our system and linked to your publication's entry above. The archived files should be the actual ones used in the analyses reported in the publication. If you submit files, we suggest that you include metadata pertaining to downlaods, including the download date, the query parameters, a key to the field names and values, and a description of post-download modifications and additions to the data files that you have made. Archiving complete files is important because changes in taxonomy and corrections of errors may alter the collection and occurrence records after you have downloaded them. However, we also accept metadata files by themselves.