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Panorpidium Westwood 1854 (grasshopper)

Insecta - Orthoptera - Elcanidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 176063

Synonyms: Asilicus Germar 1842 (no. 288293), Baisselcana Sharov 1968 (no. 176064), Calotermes Heer 1865 (no. 290270), Clathrotermes Heer 1865 (no. 197032), Elcana Giebel 1856 [objective synonym] (no. 176060), Rapha Giebel 1856 (no. 182404)

Full reference: J. O. Westwood. 1854. Contributions to fossil entomology. Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London 10:378-396

Parent taxon: Elcaninae according to Y. Fang et al. 2015

Sister taxa: Burmelcana, Cratoelcana, Eubaisselcana, Minelcana, Probaisselcana

Subtaxa: Calotermes troglodytes, Elcana (Clathrotermes), Elcana lithophila, Elcana plagiata, Panorpidium beyrichi, Panorpidium bimaculatum, Panorpidium deichmuelleri, Panorpidium geinitzi, Panorpidium lata, Panorpidium liasina, Panorpidium lithophila, Panorpidium longicornis, Panorpidium magna, Panorpidium media, Panorpidium mesostena, Panorpidium minima, Panorpidium minuta, Panorpidium oppenheimi, Panorpidium parvum, Panorpidium phyllophora, Panorpidium plagiatus, Panorpidium proximum, Panorpidium reticulata, Panorpidium sibirica, Panorpidium tessellatum, Panorpidium westwoodi, Panorpidium yixianensis

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Ecology: fast-moving ground dwelling herbivore