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Paromylacris Scudder 1885 (cockroach)

Insecta - Blattodea - Mylacridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 179323

Full reference: S. H. Scudder. 1885. New genera and species of fossil cockroaches, from the older American rocks. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 37:34-39

Parent taxon: Mylacridae according to A. Handlirsch 1920

Sister taxa: Amblymylacris, Aphelomylacris, Austromylacrites, Blattina bretonensis, Cathayiblatta, Cyphomylacris, Dictyomylacris, Drybrookia, Goniomylacris, Hemimylacrinae, Moravamylacris, Mylacridae carbonina, Mylacrinae, Mylacris, Neorthroblattina, Opsiomylacris, Orthomylacrinae, Orthomylacris, Paromylacris ampla, Platymylacris, Ptilomylacris, Rhodesiomylacris, Simplicius, Sooblatta, Sphenomylacris, Dictyomylacrinae, Mylacridium

Subtaxa: Paromylacris jacobsi, Paromylacris rotunda, Paromylacris thevenini

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