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Eogloborilus Qian 1977

Hyolitha - Orthothecida

PaleoDB taxon number: 183870

Full reference: Y. Qian. 1977. Hyolitha and some problematica from the Lower Cambrian Meishucun Stage in Central and SW China. Acta Palaeontologica Sinica 16(2):255-278

Parent taxon: Orthothecida according to Y. Qian 1977

Sister taxa: Aldanotheca, Allathecidae, Ancheilotheca, Bolitheca, Brevitheca, Bucanotheca, Carinitheca, Chelsonella, Circothecidae, Contitheca, Curtitheca, Devoniotheca, Ebianotheca, Eonovitatus, Girvanolithes, Gracilithecidae, Grandicornus, Hexitheca, Inflaticornus, Isititheca, Lophotheca, Malykanotheca, Minitheca, Mooritheca, Neobactrotheca, Nephrotheca, Nikatheca, Novitatidae, Novitatus, Orthotheca, Orthothecidae, Panitheca, Petasotheca, Plicitheca, Probactrotheca, Renitheca, Tcharatheca, Tchuranitheca, Tetratheca, Tetrathecidae

Subtaxa: Eogloborilus pyriformis

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Type: Eogloborilus pyriformis

Ecology: stationary epifaunal suspension feeder