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Antiquanabittacus Petrulevicius and Jarzembowski 2004 (hangingfly)

Insecta - Mecoptera - Bittacidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 196746

Full reference: J. F. Petrulevicius and E. A. Jarzembowski. 2004. The first Hangingfly (Insecta: Mecoptera: Bittacidae) the Cretaceous of Europe. Journal of Paleontology 78(6):1198-1201

Parent taxon: Bittacidae according to K. Kope? et al. 2016

Sister taxa: Archebittacus, Baissobittacus, Bittacinae, Bittacus, Burmobittacus, Composibittacus, Cretobittacus, Decoribittacus, Exilibittacus, Formosibittacus, Hylobittacus, Jurahylobittacus, Karattacus, Liaobittacus, Megabittacus, Mongolobittacus, Neorthophlebiinae, Orthobittacus, Palaeobittacus, Plesiobittacinae, Preanabittacus, Probittacus, Prohylobittacus, Scharabittacus, Sibirobittacus, Thyridates, Tytthobittacus

Subtaxa: Antiquanabittacus nanus

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Type: Antiquanabittacus nanus