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Alamitornis Agnolin and Martinelli 2009 (bird)

Reptilia - Ornithothoraces

PaleoDB taxon number: 200123

Full reference: F. L. Agnolin and A. G. Martinelli. 2009. Fossil birds from the Late Cretaceous Los Alamitos Formation, Río Negro Province, Argentina. Journal of South American Earth Sciences 27:42-49

Parent taxon: Ornithuromorpha according to F. L. Agnolin and A. G. Martinelli 2009

Sister taxa: Ambiortus, Antarcticavis, Apsaravis, Archaeorhynchus, Bellulia, Changmaornis, Chaoyangia, Dingavis, Eogranivora, Gansus, Gargantuavis, Hollanda, Hongshanornithidae, Iteravis, Jianchangornis, Jiuquanornis, Juehuaornis, Khinganornis, Liaoningornis, Ornithurae, Patagopteryx, Piscivoravis, Schizooura, Schizoouridae, Songlingornithidae, Vorona, Yumenornis, Zhongjianornis

Subtaxa: Alamitornis minutus

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Type: Alamitornis minutus

Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore