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Canaphis Heie 2006 (aphid)

Insecta - Hemiptera

PaleoDB taxon number: 214511

Full reference: O. E. Heie. 2006. Fossil aphids (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha) from Canadian Cretaceous amber and from the Miocene of Nevada. Insect Systematics & Evolution 37:91-104

Parent taxon: Aphidomorpha according to O. E. Heie and P. Wegierek 2011

Sister taxa: Adelgoidea, Aphidinius, Aphidoidea, Dataiphis, Dubiaphis, Echinaphis, Genaphidoidea, Holmaniella, Isolitaphidae, Naibioidea, Palaeoaphidoidea, Phylloxeroidea, Tajmyraphidoidea, Triassoaphidoidea, Yueaphis

Subtaxa: Canaphis albertensis

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Type: Canaphis albertensis