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Libanopsychoda Azar et al. 1999 (moth fly)

Insecta - Diptera - Psychodidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 219027

Full reference: D. Azar, A. Nel, M. Solignac, J. Paicheler, and F. Bouchet. 1999. New genera and species of psychodoid flies from the Lower Cretaceous amber of Lebanon. Palaeontology 42(6):1101-1136

Parent taxon: Psychodidae according to D. Azar et al. 1999

Sister taxa: Bamara, Bruchomyiinae, Cretapsychoda, Culex proavitus, Datziinae, Eochaoborites, Eophlebotomus, Horaiellinae, Liassopsychodina, Mesopsychoda, Phlebotominae, Plebotomites, Plebotomus, Posthon, Protopsychoda, Psychodinae, Psychodites, Sycoracinae, Tanypsycha, Triassopsychoda, Trichomyiinae, Xenopsychoda

Subtaxa: Libanopsychoda abillamai

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