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Tyrannophontes Jenner et al. 1998 (mantis shrimp)

Crustacea - Malacostraca

PaleoDB taxon number: 22282

Full reference: R. A. Jenner, C. H. J. Hof, and F. R. Schram. 1998. Palaeo- and archaeostomatopods (Hoplocarida, Crustacea) from the Bear Gulch Limestone, Mississippian (Namurian), of Central Montana. Contributions to Zoology 67(3):155-185

Parent taxon: Stomatopoda according to J. J. Sepkoski 2002

Sister taxa: Angelosquilla, Bathysquilla, Chloridella, Gonodactylus, Gorgonophontes, Hemisquilla, Lysiosquilla, Palaeosquilla, Perimecturus, Pseudosculda, Pseudosquilla, Sculda, Squillidae, Topangasquilla

Subtaxa: Tyrannophontes acanthocercus

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Ecology: epifaunal omnivore