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Hoploparia McCoy 1849 (clawed lobster)

Crustacea - Decapoda - Nephropidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 22484

Full reference: F. McCoy. 1849. On the classification of some British fossil Crustacea with notices of new forms in the university collection at Cambridge. Annals and Magazine of Natural History 2(4):161-414

Parent taxon: Nephropidae according to C. Beschin et al. 2012

Sister taxa: Acanthacaris, Eoacanthacaris, Eunephrops, Homarinae, Homarinus, Homarus, Jagtia, Metanephrops, Nephropides, Nephropinae, Nephrops, Nephropsis, Oncopareia, Palaeonephrops, Paraclythia, Pseudohomarus, Thaumastocheles, Thaumastochelopsis, Thymopides, Thymops, Thymopsis, Wongastacia

Subtaxa: Hoploparia albertaensis, Hoploparia alpinus, Hoploparia anomala, Hoploparia antarctica, Hoploparia arbei, Hoploparia aspera, Hoploparia bearpawensis, Hoploparia belli, Hoploparia benedeni, Hoploparia bennetti, Hoploparia beyrichi, Hoploparia biserialis, Hoploparia blossomana, Hoploparia buntingi, Hoploparia calcarifera, Hoploparia catalunica, Hoploparia collignoni, Hoploparia columbiana, Hoploparia corneti, Hoploparia dentata, Hoploparia dentonensis, Hoploparia edwardsi, Hoploparia eocenica, Hoploparia falcifer, Hoploparia fraasi, Hoploparia gabbi, Hoploparia gadzicki, Hoploparia gammaroides, Hoploparia georgeana, Hoploparia gladiator, Hoploparia groenlandica, Hoploparia hakelensis, Hoploparia hemprichi, Hoploparia heterodon, Hoploparia horrida, Hoploparia intermedia, Hoploparia kamimurai, Hoploparia kamuy, Hoploparia klebsi, Hoploparia lehmanni, Hoploparia longimana, Hoploparia mcnairyensis, Hoploparia mesembria, Hoploparia minima, Hoploparia miyamotoi, Hoploparia munchki, Hoploparia natsumiae, Hoploparia nephropiformis, Hoploparia percyi, Hoploparia perseneeri, Hoploparia prismatica, Hoploparia pusilla, Hoploparia riddlensis, Hoploparia saxbyi, Hoploparia schluteri, Hoploparia sculpta, Hoploparia senonensis, Hoploparia shastensis, Hoploparia stokesi, Hoploparia suecica, Hoploparia sulcicauda, Hoploparia tarrantensis, Hoploparia tennesseensis, Hoploparia triboleti, Hoploparia trigeri, Hoploparia tshudyi, Hoploparia uzbekensis, Hoploparia victoriae, Hoploparia wardi

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Ecology: carnivore