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Eileanchelys waldmani Anquetin et al. 2009 (turtle)

Reptilia - Testudinata

PaleoDB taxon number: 252659

Full reference: J. Anquetin, P. M. Barrett, M. E. H. Jones, S. Moore-Fay, and S. E. Evans. 2009. A new stem turtle from the Middle Jurassic of Scotland: new insights into the evolution and palaeoecology of basal turtles. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 276:879-886

Belongs to Eileanchelys according to W. G. Joyce 2017

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: NMS G 2004.31.15, a partial skull. Its type locality is UB 7111, Cladach a'Ghlinne, which is in a Bathonian lagoonal/restricted shallow subtidal marl in the Kilmaluag Formation of the United Kingdom.