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Cuyenopteris Vera 2010

PaleoDB taxon number: 259755

The anatomy of the specimens suggest affinities with the Blechnaceae (sensu Kramer et al., 1990a) and the Dryopteridaceae (sensu Kramer et al.,1990b)

Full reference: E. I. Vera. 2010. Oligocene ferns from the Rancahué Formation (Aluminé, Neuquén, Argentina): Cuyenopteris patagoniensis nov. gen., nov. sp. (Polypodiales: Blechnaceae/Dryopteridaceae) and Alsophilocaulis calveloi Menéndez emend. Vera (Cyatheales: Cyatheaceae). Geobios 43:465-478

Sister taxa: none

Subtaxa: Cuyenopteris patagoniensis

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Type: Cuyenopteris patagoniensis