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Dukecynus Goin 1997 (metatherian)

Osteichthyes - Sparassodonta - Borhyaenidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 268373

Etymology: Duke in homenage to Duke University and Duke University paleontologists who, through years of field work (1985-1991) in the Upper Magdalena valley of Colombia, were able to make outstanding collections of fossil vertebrates from equatorial South America; cynus, dog, in reference to the Prothylacyninae, extinct doglike marsupials.

Full reference: F. J. Goin. 1997. New clues for understanding Neogene marsupial radiation. Vertebrate Paleontology in the Neotropics. The Miocene fauna of La Venta, Colombia 187-206

Parent taxon: Prothylacyninae according to F. J. Goin 1997

Sister taxa: Prothylacynus, Pseudolycopsis, Pseudothylacynus

Subtaxa: Dukecynus magnus

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Ecology: scansorial carnivore