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Sibelliberotha Azar and Nel 2013 (beaded lacewing)

Insecta - Neuroptera - Berothidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 291982

Full reference: D. Azar and A. Nel. 2013. A new beaded lacewing from a new Lower Cretaceous amber outcrop in Lebanon (Neuroptera: Berothidae). Insect Evolution in an Ambiferous and Stone Alphabet 111-130

Parent taxon: Berothidae according to D. Azar and A. Nel 2013

Sister taxa: Ansoberotha, Araripeberotha, Banoberotha, Berotha, Berothinae, Caririberotha, Cornoberotha, Cyrenoberothinae, Dasyberotha, Dolichoberotha, Epimesoberotha, Ethiroberotha, Haploberotha, Iceloberotha, Jersiberotha, Krokhathone, Maculaberotha, Magniberotha, Mesithoninae, Microberotha, Nascimberotha, Oloberotha, Protoberotha, Rhachiberothinae, Sinosmylites, Systenoberotha, Telistoberotha

Subtaxa: Sibelliberotha rihanensis

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Type: Sibelliberotha rihanensis