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Ptilichnus Hitchcock 1858 (jawed fish)


PaleoDB taxon number: 309947

Full reference: E. Hitchcock. 1858. Ichnology of New England. A Report on the Sandstone of the Connecticut Valley, Especially its Fossil Footmarks, Made to the Government of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts 1-214

Parent taxon: Pisces according to E. Hitchcock 1858

Sister taxa: Actinopterygii, Actinopterygii, Andreolepis, Cephaloxeniformes, Conosaurops, Crenilepis, Cyclotomodon, Dipteriformes, Ganoidei, Iniomi, Lophosteus, Nothosoma, Pattonia, Pattonia couttsi, Preophiodon, Sarcopterygii, Tythonichthys, Charitosaurus, Rhytiodus, Merlangius, Argentinoideorum, Otolithopsis, Dipneusta, Percidarum, Lepidoleprus, Placodermi

Subtaxa: Ptilichnus anomalus, Ptilichnus hydrodromus, Ptilichnus pectinatus, Ptilichnus typographus

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