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Albertosuchus knudsenii Wu and Brinkman 2015 (crocodilian)

Reptilia - Crocodylia

PaleoDB taxon number: 326449

Full reference: X.-C. Wu and D. B. Brinkman. 2015. A new crocodylian (Eusuchia) from the uppermost Cretaceous of Alberta, Canada. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 52:590-607

Belongs to Albertosuchus according to X.-C. Wu and D. B. Brinkman 2015

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: TMP 2002.57.06, a partial skeleton (Incomplete, crushed skull and mandible, and disarticulated, but associated postcranial elements). Its type locality is Knudsen's Ranch (South of the ranch buildings), which is in a Maastrichtian terrestrial horizon in the Scollard Formation of Canada.

Ecology: carnivore