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Birgeria Stensiö 1919 (ray-finned fish)

Osteichthyes - Palaeonisciformes - Birgeriidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 34974

Stensio placed Xenesthes velox Jordan 1907 in Birgeria, but it's not clear why he did that, as Xenesthes is the senior name.

Synonym: Xenesthes Jordan 1907 [replaced name] (taxon 359734)

Parent taxon: Birgeriidae according to P. G. Ni et al. 2017

Sister taxa: none

Subtaxa: Birgeria americana, Birgeria costata, Birgeria groenlandica, Birgeria gronlandica, Birgeria liui, Birgeria mougeoti, Birgeria nielseni, Birgeria velox

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Ecology: nektonic carnivore