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Barbaticupes Jarzembowski et al. 2017

PaleoDB taxon number: 360225

Full reference: E. A. Jarzembowski, B. Wang, and D. R. Zheng. 2017. A new reticulated beetle (Coleoptera: Cupedidae) with aedeagus preserved from mid-Cretaceous amber of Myanmar. Cretaceous Research 80:86-90

Parent taxon: Cupedinae according to A. G. Kirejtshuk 2020

Sister taxa: Anaglyphites, Anaglyphites pluricavus, Apriacma, Asimma, Cainomerga, Cretomerga, Cupedini, Cupes, Cupidium, Cupopsis, Ensicupes, Furcicupes, Gracilicupes, Kirghizocupes, Latocupes, Mallecupes, Menatops, Mesocupedini, Mesocupes, Miocupes, Platycupes sogdianus, Priacma sanzii, Priacmopsis, Pterocupes, Taxopsis

Subtaxa: Barbaticupes combertiae

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