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Brasilestes stardusti Castro et al. 2018

PaleoDB taxon number: 371002

Full reference: M. C. Castro, F. J. Goin, E. Ortiz-Jaureguizar, E. C. Vieytes, K. Tsukui, J. Ramezani, A. Batezelli, J. C. A. Marsola, and M. C. Langer. 2018. A Late Cretaceous mammal from Brazil and the first radioisotopic age for the Bauru Group. Royal Society Open Science 5:180482:1-11

Belongs to Brasilestes according to M. C. Castro et al. 2018

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: LPRP/USP 0751, a tooth (lower right premolar, probably p3 or p4). Its type locality is Buriti Farm (palaeosol 2), which is in a Campanian/Maastrichtian alluvial fan sandstone in the Adamantina Formation of Brazil.