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Systemodon Cope 1881 (odd-toed ungulate)

Osteichthyes - Perissodactyla

PaleoDB taxon number: 43103

Full reference: E. D. Cope. 1881. New genus of Perissodactyla diplarthra. American Naturalist 15:1018-1018

Parent taxon: Tapiromorpha according to D. J. Froehlich 2002

Sister taxa: Ancylopoda, Breviodontidae, Cardiolophus, Ceratomorpha, Homogalax, Isectolophidae, Isectolophus, Kalakotia, Lophialetidae, Rhodopagidae, Schizotheriodes, Isectolophomorpha, Rhinotapiromorpha

Subtaxa: Systemodon tapirinus

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Ecology: scansorial insectivore