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Mammut matthewi Osborn 1921 (mastodon)

Mammalia - Proboscidea - Mammutidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 47868

Alternative combinations: Mastodon matthewi, Miomastodon matthewi, Pliomastodon matthewi

Synonyms: Mammut nevadanus (no. 47870), Pliomastodon nevadanus (no. 50577), Pliomastodon sellardsi Simpson 1930 (no. 50578), Pliomastodon vexillarius Matthew 1930 (no. 50579)

Full reference: H. F. Osborn. 1921. The evolution, phylogeny, and classification of the Proboscidea. American Museum Novitates 1:1-15

Belongs to Mammut according to J. Shoshani and P. Tassy 1996

Sister taxa: Mammut americanum, Mammut borsoni, Mammut cosoensis, Mammut floridanum, Mammut furlongi, Mammut pacificus, Mammut raki, Mastodon rectus, Mastodon spenceri, Mammut mirificum, Mastodon (Tetralophodon), Mastodon bumiajuensis, Mastodon proavus

Type specimens:

  • Mammut matthewi: Its type locality is Aphelops Draw Quarries, which is in a Hemphillian terrestrial horizon in the Snake Creek Formation of Nebraska
  • Mammut nevadanus: Its type locality is Thousand Creek, which is in a Hemphillian terrestrial horizon in Nevada.
  • Pliomastodon sellardsi: UF/FGS 3822, a mandible. Its type locality is American Cyanimid Company, which is in a Serravallian marginal marine sandstone in the Peace River Formation of Florida.
  • Pliomastodon vexillarius: Its type locality is North Dome (Pliomastodon Locality), which is in a Blancan terrestrial horizon in the San Joaquin Formation of California.

Ecology: scansorial insectivore

Average measurements (in mm): M1 90.0 x 65.7, M2 115.0 x 77.5, M3 179.0 x 80.0