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Gradstein et al. 1995 Mesozoic Substages

 Interval Maximum correlate
Late/Upper Maastrichtian Maastrichtian
Early/Lower Maastrichtian Maastrichtian
Late/Upper Campanian Campanian
Middle Campanian Campanian
Early/Lower Campanian Campanian
Late/Upper Santonian Santonian
Middle Santonian Santonian
Early/Lower Santonian Santonian
Late/Upper Coniacian Coniacian
Middle Coniacian Coniacian
Early/Lower Coniacian Coniacian
Late/Upper Turonian Turonian
Middle Turonian Turonian
Early/Lower Turonian Turonian
Late/Upper Cenomanian Cenomanian
Middle Cenomanian Cenomanian
Early/Lower Cenomanian Cenomanian
Late/Upper Albian Albian
Middle Albian Albian
Early/Lower Albian Albian
Late/Upper Aptian Aptian
Early/Lower Aptian Aptian
Late/Upper Barremian Barremian
Early/Lower Barremian Barremian
Late/Upper Hauterivian Hauterivian
Early/Lower Hauterivian Hauterivian
Late/Upper Valanginian Valanginian
Early/Lower Valanginian Valanginian
Late/Upper Berriasian Berriasian
Middle Berriasian Berriasian
Early/Lower Berriasian Berriasian
Late/Upper Tithonian Tithonian
Middle Tithonian Tithonian
Early/Lower Tithonian Tithonian
Late/Upper Kimmeridgian Kimmeridgian
Early/Lower Kimmeridgian Kimmeridgian
Late/Upper Oxfordian Oxfordian
Middle Oxfordian Oxfordian
Early/Lower Oxfordian Oxfordian
Late/Upper Callovian Callovian
Middle Callovian Callovian
Early/Lower Callovian Callovian
Late/Upper Bathonian Bathonian
Middle Bathonian Bathonian
Early/Lower Bathonian Bathonian
Late/Upper Bajocian Bajocian
Early/Lower Bajocian Bajocian
Late/Upper Aalenian Aalenian
Middle Aalenian Aalenian
Early/Lower Aalenian Aalenian
Late/Upper Toarcian Toarcian
Middle Toarcian Toarcian
Early/Lower Toarcian Toarcian
Late/Upper Pliensbachian Pliensbachian
Early/Lower Pliensbachian Pliensbachian
Late/Upper Sinemurian Sinemurian
Early/Lower Sinemurian Sinemurian
Late/Upper Hettangian Hettangian
Middle Hettangian Hettangian
Early/Lower Hettangian Hettangian
Sevatian Norian
Alaunian Norian
Lacian Norian
Tuvalian Carnian
Julian Carnian
Longobardian Ladinian
Fassanian Ladinian
Illyrian Anisian
Pelsonian Anisian
Bithynian Anisian
Aegean Anisian
Spathian Olenekian
Smithian Olenekian
Dienerian Induan
Griesbachian Induan

Authorizer: J. Alroy   Enterer: J. Alroy

Continent: global   Rank of each interval: subage/stage

Basis of scale: paleontological  

Reference: F. M. Gradstein et al. 1995

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