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This form allows you to download taxonomic occurrences, genera or species, or fossil collections. The full form includes extra options and fields. To compute a diversity curve, you need to check off either "period," "epoch," "Cenozoic subepoch," or "10 m.y. bin" in the "Collection fields" part of the form.

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Lithologies: carbonate mixed siliciclastic unknown
Environments: carbonate siliciclastic terrestrial unknown
Environmental zones: lacustrine fluvial karst other terrestrial
marginal marine reef shallow subtidal deep subtidal
offshore slope/basin unspecified marine
Continents or paleocontinents:
Europe Asia North America South America
Africa Indian Ocean Australia Oceania Antarctica
Western Laurasia
Barentsia Eastern USA Laurentia North Britain Stikinia Western Avalonia Wrangellia
Western Gondwana
Caribbean Costa Rica-Panama Precordillera South America Yucatan
Eastern Laurasia
Baltica Eastern Avalonia Japan Kazakhstania Siberia
Eastern Paleotethys
North China Shan-Thai South China
Eastern Gondwana
Africa Antarctica Arabia Australia Cimmeria India New Zealand Southern Europe
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Basic fields
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authorizer enterer modifier research group
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country state county geographic scale tectonic plate id
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altitude in
Time fields
period epoch Cenozoic subepoch stage
10 m.y. bin Fossil Record 2 bin maximum interval minimum interval  
maximum age (Ma) minimum age (Ma) midpoint age (Ma)  
interpolated maximum (Ma) interpolated minimum (Ma) interpolated midpoint (Ma)  
Interpolation can be used when time interval boundaries are not directly dated but fall in between boundaries that are.
Stratigraphy fields
formation member stratigraphic scale stratigraphic comments  
Lithology fields
lithification 1 minor lithology 1 lithology 1
lithification 2 minor lithology 2 lithology 2
lithological description environment geology comments  

Basic fields
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reference number authorizer enterer modifier
class name order name family name
subgenus name abundance comments
plant organ plant organ 2 preservation category
Taxonomic fields
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first author second author other authors year named
type specimen body part of type extant common name

Note that the collection ID and genus name fields are always output.