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This form allows you to download average measurements of fossil specimens grouped by species. To download occurrences of taxa within fossil collections, use the form for collection and occurrence data. To download taxonomic classification data, use the form for names and opinions.
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Only occurrences have qualified IDs, so measurements
tied to species names instead of occurrences will
always be included.
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Included life habit categories: fossorial semifossorial ground dwelling saltatorial scansorial
arboreal volant amphibious fully aquatic
Specimens and measurements
Sex of specimens:
Body parts:
Optional. Lists such as m1, skull, shell are okay.
all parts must be measured
Length measurements: not recorded greatest least anteroposterior basal
condylobasal condyloincisive
Width measurements: not recorded greatest least anterior distal mediolateral posterior
proximal transverse orbital quadrate zygomatic
Included collections
If you pick any of these options you will only get back measurements of specimens tied to individual fossil collections.
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Africa Antarctica Asia Australia Europe North America South America

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Paleoenvironments: carbonate siliciclastic terrestrial unknown
Modes of preservation: cast adpression mold/impression soft parts original aragonite replaced with silica
trace charcoalification coalified unknown preservation
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Taxonomic fields
order family authors year published
type specimen type body part type locality number extant
Fossil collection fields
These fields are (1) only reported for measurements of specimens that are tied to particular fossil occurrences and (2) only printed to the raw measurements file (because they cannot be averaged sensibly).
collection no collection name authorizer enterer
country state county lat/long paleolat/long
period epoch stage 10 m.y. bin
formation member lithology paleoenvironment
Measurement fields
The geometric mean is always reported.
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length width height area (L x W) volume (L x W x H)
circumference diagonal diameter inflation
δ13C δ18O body mass (kg)*
min max median error specimen ID**
position specimens measured authorizer enterer references
*To download body mass data you must either enter "body" into "body parts" or leave it blank. **Only printed to the raw measurements file.