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Lutra castiglionis Pereira and Salotti 2000 (otter)

Osteichthyes - Carnivora - Mustelidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 156991

Alternative combination: Cyrnolutra castiglionis

Full reference: E. Pereira and M. Salotti. 2000. Cyrnolutra castiglionis, une nouvelle forme de loutre (Mustelidae, Lutrinae), dans un depot du Pleistocene moyen Casiglione 3CG (Oletta, Haute-Corse). Comptes Rendus Academie de Science Paris Sciences de la Terre et des planetes 331(1):45-52

Belongs to Lutra according to G. F. Willemsen 2006

Sister taxa: Lutra affinis, Lutra bravardi, Lutra bressana, Lutra fatimazohrae, Lutra franconica, Lutra hessica, Lutra licenti, Lutra lutra, Lutra lybica, Lutra maculicollis, Lutra palaeoleptonyx, Lutra simplicidens, Lutra sumatrana, Nesolutra euxena

Type specimen: Its type locality is Castiglione 3, which is in a Pleistocene fissure fill conglomerate in France

Ecology: scansorial insectivore