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Acmarhachis whittingtoni Westrop and Eoff 2012 (trilobite)

Trilobita - Agnostida - Agnostidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 234822

Full reference: S. R. Westrop and J. D. Eoff. 2012. Late Cambrian (Furongian; Paibian, Steptoean) agnostoid arthropods from the Cow Head Group, western Newfoundland. Journal of Paleontology 86(2):201-237

Belongs to Acmarhachis according to S. R. Westrop and J. D. Eoff 2012

Sister taxa: Acmarhachis acuta, Acmarhachis apicula, Acmarhachis karatauensis, Acmarhachis kindlei, Acmarhachis longispinus, Acmarhachis punctatus, Acmarhachis typicalis

Type specimen: GSC 143603, a cephalon/head. Its type locality is Cow Head CH 57, which is in a Steptoean shallow subtidal conglomerate in the Shallow Bay Formation of Canada.

Ecology: slow-moving nektonic suspension feeder