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Megaloolithus aureliensis Vianey-Liaud et al. 1994 (titanosaurid)

Reptilia - Saurischia - Titanosauridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 67203

Full reference: M. Vianey-Liaud, P. Mallan, O. Buscail and C. Montgelard. 1994. Review of French dinosaur eggshells: morphology, structure, mineral, and organic composition. Dinosaur Eggs and Babies, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 151-183

Belongs to Megaloolithus according to A. G. SellÚs and B. Vila 2015

Sister taxa: Megaloolithus baghensis, Megaloolithus cylindricus, Megaloolithus dholiyaensis, Megaloolithus dhoridungriensis, Megaloolithus jabalpurensis, Megaloolithus khempurensis, Megaloolithus maghrebiensis, Megaloolithus mamillare, Megaloolithus megadermus, Megaloolithus microtuberculata, Megaloolithus mohabeyi, Megaloolithus padiyalensis, Megaloolithus petralta, Megaloolithus problematica, Megaloolithus siruguei, Megaloolithus walpurensis

Type specimen: Its type locality is Clos-La-Neuve (CLN), which is in a Campanian terrestrial sandstone/marl in France

Ecology: ground dwelling herbivore